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Solid Wood Flooring

For anyone wanting to make a distinct impression real wooden flooring is one of the best options available, and Greendale Flooring has more than 80 different varieties.

Real wood flooring comes in textured, smooth, hand distressed and oiled finishes from brands Florence and Panaget and is durable and hard-wearing. Solid wood flooring is a natural and organic option which is very tough and long-lasting.

The hardwood floors come in a variety of different species from the extremely popular oak flooring or ash floors, to cherry, beech, walnut and maple as well as a selection of colours. Unfinished wood is also available in 25 different shades for the authentic rustic appearance you can get from wooden floors.

With the right maintenance solid wood flooring will last for a long time and has qualities which artificial flooring would find difficult to match.

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Tel: 01803 294 924

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